What is the best way to connect two computers when there is no ethernet ports fitted?

Answer there are several ways to connect without network cards, you could use a laplink cable which connects through the serial ports which all pc's have, although these would be relatively short so the p... Read More »

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How to Connect Two Computers Using Ethernet?

Connecting two computers using Ethernet is an essential skill to posses as a computer administrator or home computer owner. Using nothing more than an Ethernet crossover cable and a few moments of ... Read More »

How do I connect 2 computers together by ethernet cable.?

A router will also work. Then set it up in your settings.

How to Connect Two Computers With I/O Ethernet Port Cables?

One of the simplest ways to connect two computers using the Windows operating system into a usable network is through the use of I/O Ethernet ports. By linking the computers directly together using... Read More »

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