What is the big scandal on Facebook and why is everyone on the news its so bad?

Answer I think the problem is a lot of people leave their profiles open so anyone can see it then there are the stories of people who take time off sick then post photos of themselves at parties the night... Read More »

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How does facebook decide on the news feed what is "top news"?

What is the best way of getting news for a facebook group out?

you can make a video on YouTube, announce it on your own FaceBook page, and announce it on Twitter.

Is everyone elses facebook being weird i think the fan check virus has killed facebook :(?

yes it is a virusdelete the app immediately and change your password afterwards!!

OK everyone else knows but what is FaceBook?

Just like the others said, it is a social networking site. People can search for you by name and then go visit your profile. You too can go search for your friends.You can add lots of fun applicati... Read More »