What is the "box thing" called on a PC?

Answer That's generally referred to as the case. But since it encapsulates things like the motherboard, memory, and the brain of the computer (the CPU or processor), some often call the whole "box" the CP... Read More »

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What the colour thing on msn called?

its a need to have messanger live! plus installedu click on the script botton (the 3 blocks stacked together) and go to get new scripts clivk on Nickname and PSM then go on eithe rname... Read More »

I've had an e.mail from some thing called is it OK ?

do not look at it or fill in any information about yourself. it's pretty much spam and it doesn't do you a lot of good. it's probably just someone who got really bored and decided to steal somebody... Read More »

What are the THESE Called.. (computer thing) (PLEASE REad)?

Is taco and fajitas then same thing jst called different names in the us?

No, they are different, but not by much. Mexican food is basically mince, chicken,beans,cheese, catapulted onto a plate, containing a hard, or soft shell taco/tortilla. It's not particularly advent... Read More »