What is the common or accepted protocol - when at a public computer internet access...?

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What Is the Internet Message Access Protocol?

Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the two most common e-mail retrieval protocols. Also known by the acronym IMAP, it is an Internet protocol which operates at the Application Layer. With I... Read More »

My friends computer keeps asking for a sid and password when trying to access the internet waht is this?

do u mean when ur tryin to access a website?? most porn sites require password which u hav to pay for to enter ^_^

What Is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol?

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a method of organizing data for use with databases that follow LDAP standards. This is an open standard, so any organization is able to use the struc... Read More »

When her I try to go on the Internet with wifi (not mine) it says limited connectivity or access. What do I do?

It means the wifi acount holder has prental controls on meaning dont watch porn on thier wifi cuz they can look what you searched. Basically it means that they are willig to let people outside thie... Read More »