What is the difference between a DVD and a CD ... ?

Answer Although both CD and DVD have the same media size and shape, the similarity ends there. There are numerous points of difference between the two, as listed below:Data pits and lasersA disc has micro... Read More »

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I understand that for a steam engine to produce useful work, you need a difference in temperatures. My question is whether the difference in temperatures between cold glacier ice and the warmer air could be used to drive a steam engine and generate e?

As you clearly recognize, any heat engine—a machine that converts thermal energy into work—can only do its job while heat is flowing from a hotter object to a colder object. That limitation is ... Read More »

Can anyone explain the difference between ordinary shares and B shares is there a value difference?

If you meant B for bonus share, there is nothing relation with ordinary share and bonus share. In a company, firstly issued shares are generally all ordinary shares, some company issued preferred s... Read More »

What is the Difference between Rap and Hip Hop?

Rap and hip hop are two of the most popular types of music in the hip hop subculture. These two genres have had tremendous impact on mass media and western culture. First developed in New York City... Read More »

The Difference Between EK9 & EK4?

EK4 and EK9 are model designations for two of the high performance versions of the sixth-generation Civic produced by the Honda Motor Company. Both are hatchbacks; the EK4 was the Japanese domestic... Read More »