What is the difference between and ipad 3 and an ipad 4?

Answer The 4 key major differences between the iPad 4 & the old iPad 3 are:1. A6X (dual-core, w/ quad-core graphics) doubled the iPad3 which was A5X (dual-core, w/ quad-core graphics) That means the Retin... Read More »

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If i put lots of music on a sd card and put it in a ipad will it have any affect on the speed of the ipad?

No. The speed will only be affected if you use up too much disc space, which is used for 'paging' if you don't have enough RAM.

Do I need the full sized ipad 4th gen or is the ipad mini good enough for me?

I would recommend heading to your nearest Apple Store or Best Buy so that you can have a hands-on experience with both of them. The biggest difference between the two would be their size; however,... Read More »

The new ipad with retina display or the ipad mini?

The Ipad mini is basically a smaller size of Ipad 2 which it's kinda outdated. It's like downgraded from the Ipad 3rd generation. There is no Retina display,so that pretty much ruined the quality o... Read More »

Google Nexus 7 or 10 vs Ipad or Ipad Mini?

Google Nexus!! Because its capable of performing the above activities and much more, plus it has great specifications, that too at a good price.