What is the difference between broadband and internet?

Answer Imagine an infrastructure that links, say a number (millions) of reservoir with large pipes connecting them together in a grid. If you want to tap into it and get water, you could do it by carrying... Read More »

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Sky broadband I am with BTinternet at the minute but SKY internet is free. Are sky broadband any good?

been with sky over a year no probs rec max for £10 a month download speed 10 to 12 mb day and night plus free wireless router shame its a netgear but works

What are peoples experiance with ee internet broadband just the normal home broadband?

What's the difference between dsl and broadband?

DSL is through your telephone lines and broadband is through cable lines.

What Is the Difference Between Broadband and Dial-Up?

Broadband and dial-up are two different methods for connecting to the Internet. With the development of the Internet and the parallel development of computers as viable business tools and as usefu... Read More »