What is the difference between facebook and twitter.?

Answer Facebook shows things about you like pictures, friends, ect. Twitter allows you to live update "Tweet." You can follow people on twitter, and then when they tweet you will know. On facebook you ... Read More »

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Can anyone explain to me the difference between Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook is a social networking site where you can talk to your friends, play games, and upload pictures. Twitter is basically a mini blog mostly operated from your phone with a very small characte... Read More »

What's the difference between the Facebook app, Facebook messenger app and facebook in iPhone settings?

The Facebook app is basically a version of the website enhanced for the iPhone, whereas the integrated Facebook integration in iOS is only for posting statuses. The messenger app is basically a fas... Read More »

Facebook or twitter better?

Facebook, twitter is for celebrities, and only two people I know are on twitter

What do these <> mean on facebook and twitter.?

these signs are used in maths so it's as though instead of saying 1>0 (one is greater than 0) it's as though Justin is better than One Direction :) like my life is > than yours is the same as my li... Read More »