What is the difference bewtween Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet?

Answer Actually, they're two different things.WiFi means a wireless network. You could actually have a WiFi network and not have any internet connected to it. WiFi is a way of connecting your computers to... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between WiFi® and Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is just one of the services that WiFi® optionally supports. WiFi® is a wireless communication standard used between computer devices to share files and resources. The WiFi® signal... Read More »

Any difference on the speed of internet connection if using a lan cable connect to a router or a wireless?

Typically not, however with newer technology standards this will be different. If you're using an old CAT5 cable and 10/100 ethernet cards, the wireless standard N can deliver higher rates, by a f... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Wireless-N & a Wireless-G Card for a Laptop Computer?

Notebook computers keep us connected on the go. Local libraries, coffee shops and airports host hotspots for wireless Internet. Installing a Wi-Fi card into a laptop enables a wireless connection t... Read More »

How can I increase my signal on my wireless internet router & wireless card?

The strength of the signal is limited by law, so it would probably be illegal to increase it much. I believe you can do so, however, by fitting a larger aerial. I don't know if these are available ... Read More »