What is the easiest way to transfer large amounts of data between a Windows 98 PC and an XP PC?

Answer You can use a USB cable for transfering data. Have to set up software on both sides. You can also use USB flask drive, or burn CD (DVD) on one computer and read it on the other. You can also networ... Read More »

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What is the easiest way to transfer large amounts of data between a PC and a laptop?

By networking them together you will be able to achieve the quickest transfer speeds. However this is not the easiest way. It depends on how large these files are. USB data sticks, external hard dr... Read More »

How to Transfer Data From an Old Windows XP PC to a New One With Windows 7?

Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009. Windows 7 includes the ability to transfer data from both Windows XP and Windows Vista. The data transfer includes user accounts and their associated personal ... Read More »

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