What is the equivalent of a 1Ghz dual core processor in a single core?

Answer Well a dual core would be better as it has more cores to e used even thought they have the same overall clock speed...but you also want to look at the cache this is fast memory that is located on t... Read More »

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Can a laptop with a dual core processor 1.83 GHz run a game which requires a single core processor 2.4 GHz?

If a 2.4 ghz processor is the minimum specification, then a 1.83ghz processor won't run the game well. Expect it to be slow and jerky in frame rates, to the point that it would be more or less unpl... Read More »

Is a dual core 2.20GHz processor the same as a single core 4.40GHz processor?

no, its not.some software doesnt even take advantage of dual cores.a process can only run on one core at a time.programs that DO take advantage of two cores distribute the workload between the two ... Read More »

Is a 1.4ghz Dual core processor Faster than a 1.7ghz single core?

The answer is yes and no. technically speaking. Yes the 1.7 ghz single core is faster and might benefit from most games. but With the dual core you can have more of a multitasking advantage. So for... Read More »

Which is processor faster/better, 1.7 ghz dual core with 6 gb ram or 2.2 ghz single with 4 gm ram?

There are about 10 parameters that determine the performance power of a CPU, and when trying to put single core against dual core, you are generally talking about different families of parts. Given... Read More »