What is the fastest browser for windows 7?

Answer Definetely not Internet explorer!!! Use firefox, google chrome or safari. I prefer firefox

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Which is the fastest web browser?

The first web browser i used was internet explorer, it basically crashed every time i had a few tabs open so stay away from that.i then downloaded mozilla firefox which was better, but took time lo... Read More »

Which browser is the best/fastest for Mac OS?

Chrome is supposedly the fastest out of those, firefox is the most capable but I would argue that safari is the best as it is built specially for Mac and it updates as the OS does so it really uses... Read More »

What is the fastest internet browser?

I use IE 9 with everything disabled on it or not even installed in the first place.Like Tabs, Feeds, Filtering, In Private and all the rest of the crap.Not needed and I certainly don't want it clut... Read More »

What is the fastest web browser available for free download?

Google Chrome is the fastest. It is not feature rich as mainstream browsers but it's simplicity makes it rocket fast.