What is the fastest, most reliable File-Sharing program available?

Answer Lime Wire is the most reliable file sharing program available

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Which is the best p2p file sharing program?

There are several that are good and best of all free!1) eDonkey / Overnet is a state-of-the-art P2P file sharing software system. Especially popular i... Read More »

What's the most reliable/best value ISP available in the UK?

I have used three over the last 5 years.The worst ever Cable and Wireless - Bulldog!They took 3 months to set up and billed me for 6 months after I cancelled. I rang them over 100 times. They cance... Read More »

What Is File Sharing?

File sharing, in Internet terminology, is a means of exchanging files between computers over the Internet. The term “file sharing” can also refer to disk sharing or server sharing between computers... Read More »

What is the fastest web browser available for free download?

Google Chrome is the fastest. It is not feature rich as mainstream browsers but it's simplicity makes it rocket fast.