What is the importance of the 7 layer OSI model?

Answer It breaks down troubleshooting into logical steps.Having problems? Start at layer 1.By the time you reach the top your problem is found.

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Why is application layer, session layer and presentation layer combined into a single layer in the TCP/IP prot?

The application layer isn't combined.There is no presentation layer in TCP/IP, it is simply a byte stream and any presentation is left to the application to sort out.The OSI model was designed by c... Read More »

If a Dvd description says :DVD+R 2.4x 8.5GB Double layer 5 pack! What does the DOUBLE LAYER part mean?

Double Layer refers to a technology that is used to pack more data onto a DVD disc. A standard single layer DVD has about 4.5 GB of data storage. Using special disc manufacturing methods and havi... Read More »

Will a prop shaft for a land rover freelander 2002 1.8 petrol model fit a 2003 1.8 ES model?

Yes the prop shaft will fit because they are both same 1.8L so there is no difference between them except the year

What is the make and model number of the radio/cassette player fitted ti Nissan Primera LX 2.0, 1991 model?