What is the importance of the 7 layer OSI model?

Answer It breaks down troubleshooting into logical steps.Having problems? Start at layer 1.By the time you reach the top your problem is found.

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Why is application layer, session layer and presentation layer combined into a single layer in the TCP/IP prot?

The application layer isn't combined.There is no presentation layer in TCP/IP, it is simply a byte stream and any presentation is left to the application to sort out.The OSI model was designed by c... Read More »

If a Dvd description says :DVD+R 2.4x 8.5GB Double layer 5 pack! What does the DOUBLE LAYER part mean?

Double Layer refers to a technology that is used to pack more data onto a DVD disc. A standard single layer DVD has about 4.5 GB of data storage. Using special disc manufacturing methods and havi... Read More »

What is a MAC Layer?

The MAC layer is a section of the OSI Network Model. The OSI model manages data sent and received by the network access hardware within a computer or other network ready device. The network model... Read More »

What is the make and model number of the radio/cassette player fitted ti Nissan Primera LX 2.0, 1991 model?