What is the last interesting technology do you know?

Answer I agree with Gpister too. I think it would be interesting learning about the new LED tv's and i think i might learn a bit about these because i am interested in what the difference is with them

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What is the most interesting Fact you know?

That syphilis was strictly a sheep disease and the Greeks are the ones who introduced it to the human race. LOL...I had a Greek History teacher and I mentioned that the one day as sort of joke in ... Read More »

WHAT is the most interesting website that YOU know? The podcasts and product descriptions are funny, and sometimes they have something good for sale

What is the most interesting random fact you know?

Used motor oil can be used to fertilise your lawn

What jobs have appeared over the last 2 years as a result of technology.List them and discuss the impact?

Try Google. It doesn't care if you don't bother to use the word 'please'.