What is the most effective and cost-effective way of advertising on the street?

Answer I think that if what you are trying to give out is free, more people take it for sure. Last week I got a free book/cd set and I was SO excited. Free is much more encouraging.To draw in a crowd, fre... Read More »

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What do you think, is the most effective, the most enduring advertising slogan ever?

Hmm the most enduring? Thats a hard one to answer. Lots of good ones:Mars a day helps you work rest and play.Go to work on an egg.Drinka pinta milk a dayBut i will choose BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ

What are very effective methods of advertising affiliate links or websites for no cost or small cost?

You can set up a free blog, and advertise there. If you have good content, the search engines will pick it up.Also, Google AdWords are effective, you just need to read up, so you learn how to adve... Read More »

What are some cost-effective advertising channels?

as old as it may be. print out are sometimes effective, it may depend on the kind of product or service you are looking for. trying to make and printing it by your computer and then make copies at ... Read More »

Which is the cheapest but most effective web advertising?

You did not state what your product is, so it's hard to say exactly. But in general you can try advertising through blogs.There are people who write blogs for profit. Usually these blogs are seen b... Read More »