What is the name of the Facebook game where you design your own cupcakes?

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How to Design With Cupcakes?

Cupcake cakes are clever, entertaining and creative. This easy-to-make treat can be made for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just for fun. The great thing is that you can make the design with... Read More »

Where do i start with game design?

Find out what kind of team is required to build a game. Do you have or are you willing to learn the skills that will make you a part of this team? If yes, work on that. If no, consider something else.

How to Design Your Own Town Game?

If your child has a big imagination and a knack for building and creating, show him how to play free computer games that allow him to design his own city. He is given the chance to incorporate elem... Read More »

Computer Science for game design?

Computer Science is a bit generic, some courses seem to be not much more than how to turn on a computer and use a word processor.You do not need any qualification to design games - you need the int... Read More »