What is the name of the @ sign?

Answer you pronounce it as "at"

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The GB Pound sign on my keyboard gives me the # sign. The # sign gives me the \ sign.What is solution?

I had that problem with my laptop and a website helped me out:Changing this is simple - just a little lengthy in it’s solution! Within XP, follow the following procedure: Open Control Panel (Star... Read More »

How big is a standard uk street name sign (in cms)?

Why not get a tape measure and wander down to your nearest street corner? There is no such thing as standard dimensions, it all depends on what wording is on each sign. "Northumberland Avenue East"... Read More »

Is it possible to change my sign-in name on youtube.. And if it

No, when you sign up to any site be sure to make a name that you will keep as many sites dont allow you to change it.

My computer is set up that SHIFT 2 gives me the @ sign and not the " sign. Also the Pound sign does not work.?

Start, Control Panel, Regional & Language Options. Select English (UK) everywhere.