What is the point in being subscribed to someone on facebook?

Answer If they arent your friends you can't see them.

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Where is the subscribed button on my Facebook page?

How to Find Out If Somebody Subscribed to My Facebook Status?

The only way for a person to subscribe to your Facebook status updates is for that person to become your Facebook friend. Once you are friends, he will receive your status updates in his news feed,... Read More »

I accidentally subscribed to some one on Facebook then quickly un-scribed will they no?

Accidentaly subscribed to someone on Facebook but unsubscribed at the same moment, Will they be notified ?

They might depending on how soon after you unsubscribed. If it was as soon as you say, probably not. Let's just say that I did that and it got pretty awkward when I tried to tell them it was a mist... Read More »