What is the point on writing on someones Facebook wall when you can just message them?

Answer Ppl on FB are attention whores. They love the publicity and eat it up. Ok so people would post things on other pols wall say a photo of them or a status update of what they were doing. Next thing u... Read More »

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On facebook, when you're writing your status or a message, how do you create the little heart?

Posting something on someones wall on Facebook?

Yes it will show up saying you posted to the page. If you do not want everyone to see it I suggest sending what is know as a Pm (private message) this will allow only the page Administrator to see ... Read More »

How do i post a picture onto someones wall on facebook?

post the picture link, and wait for the image to show up on the wall box and then post it.

I've just opened a MySpace account, Do I send possible friends a message or just add them to my Friends list?

add them and when you add them you can leave them a message on the "add message"