What is the problem with my wireless network?

Answer Contact your service provider, same thing happend with my sisters internet. she phoned them up, and they sorted it.

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Windows 7 wireless network problem.?

reset the internet options, and check to seee if you got an ip address if not, ipconfig /renew.

Sony Vaio wireless network problem!?

try reinstalling drivers of wireless adapter in sony ...or maybe problems with web browser and some network settingsalso check level of security in your laptop opening control panel

Belkin N Wireless Router F5D8233UK4 + Wireless USB Network Adapter F5D8053UK / Bundle?

well, if you have the wireless router you do not need the wireless adapter thing, just buy a wireless router, nintendo ds is compatible with 802.11b/g signals so make sure the router supports that,... Read More »

I forgot my wireless password, how can I connect to my wireless network again?

Reset the router.Maybe in future put a stick on the back of the router with your password on it.