What is the reason behind some people's facebook privacy choice?

Answer Probably attention yes, or maybe they are just generally stupid.

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Why does some peoples pictures on Facebook say uploaded via iOS but mine don't?

Do you have an Apple product? If you don't that's why it doesn't say iOS photos. But if you do I'm not sure cause mine says via iOS photos.

I joined limewire and was shocked at some of the material that is on some peoples computers?

because 1/4th of the population would be behind bars and most of those would be adolescents .... ..

What is your choice facebook myspace or bebo?

I've never tried bebo.I use Facebook & Myspace.Been with Myspace the longest and still quite new to facebook but tending to spend longer on facebook now as Myspace can be so damn slow in comparison... Read More »

My account has been disabled for no reason on Facebook, how do I contact Facebook to unban it?

just make up anothere facebook acount all ya need is anothere diffrent e-mail adress