What is the use of DNS system?

Answer it is easy to remember then its ip address for eg. u can still access yahoo by typing the ip instead of the name if u like.DNS resolves the names for you. this is why i... Read More »

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I have a Bose audio system that came with the nissan. what is a louder system i could put in there?

bose is just about as good as it gets when you talk about loudness and sound quality together. but, if you're ready to shell out some major cash go to your nearest bang & olufsen (spell check) sto... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between a Market Economic System & a Command Economic System?

Market and command economic systems refer to ways to organise production and distribution of goods in an economy. Historically, the terms date to the Cold War when the U.S. was a market economy and... Read More »

I have a gas steam heating system and the second floor radiators don't heat well. How does this system work and how can I balance the system so that the upstairs radiators warm at the same rate as the first floor radiators?

In a steam heating system, steam rises upward from a boiler in the basement and condenses in the radiators. As the steam transforms into water, it releases an enormous amount of heat and this heat ... Read More »

If the earth is the hardware, nature the operating system and animals manage thier own eco system?

interesting analogy. I would have to say that in purely technical terms hardware can be replaced, the OS refreshed, repaired or replaced even upgraded, but I am not sure where the eco system fits i... Read More »