What is the very first screen that appears when you turn on a windows XP computer?

Answer I believe your talking about the BIOSBasic Input Output SystemWhich is responsible for telling the machine, how to startup, without the BIOS, an operating system such as Windows would be useless as... Read More »

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Does it matter how I turn off electronic devices I have installed a power surge strip and it's easiest for me to simply turn off that strip. Is it better for the devices to turn them off individually first For the computer itself, I perform the shutd?

As long you shutdown the computer first, turning off the power strip is fine. Essentially all modern household computer devices are designed to shut themselves down gracefully when they lose electr... Read More »

My computer keeps crashing, a blue screen appears. What should I do?

the screen you are seeing is more commonly known as the blue screen of death this happens normally due to a hardware problem,this could be any component in your p.c but as a example i re... Read More »

My computer is really slow when i first turn it on?

Go to…And scan your computer with the safety scanner, (on the left hand column) Its run by Microsoft so its as safe as it can be, It will remove any prgr... Read More »

When I turn my computer on, I get a "No Signal" message on my screen.?

All I can say is I had the same problem. I checked the leads. Then I checked the monitor on another PC & it worked fine. I then checked another monitor on my PC & still no signal. It turned out the... Read More »