What is web reference no?

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My uni tutor will be contacted as a reference for a job Is it against the law to give a bad reference?

No they cant give a 'bad' reference by law they have to give an 'accurate' reference. If they have asked for your degree result he can give it.Im sure he has done many references before and will ha... Read More »

Reference help! Can an employer block a reference given by another worker?

no she cant but that is not what she is doing - she is refusing to put through non-work related calls - which she has every right to do A reference has nothing to do with the company, its a perso... Read More »

Who are some example people to use for personal reference and professional reference?

Professional reference: your former bosses, former professors if you went to college and studied in the field which you are now trying to gain employment. Personal reference: perhaps a pastor i... Read More »

Possible Bad Reference?

Probably! Provided you haven't been deliberately misleading and your line manager gives you a good reference, you should be fine.