What is wi-fi?

Answer Wi fi basically means wireless fidelity. And it is not always free Internet.It is based on a set of protocols put forth by the IEEE. (You must have seen that 802.11 a/b/g/n and stuff like that is w... Read More »

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What is a midwife do they deliver babies what do midwife's do exactly what qualifications do you need?

In the UK and most of Europe, a Midwife can earn a degree in Midwifery alone, without having been a nurse. Many antenatal nurses do go back to college and become midwives, but many midwives go dire... Read More »

What do I need to own a boat what costs are involved and what licences are needed?

As an ex live aboard narrow boat owner I can only write from those experiences,,,,You would need a river licence,,,they will be based upon the length of the craft,,,if you have a trailer or can kee... Read More »

What is the poop deck on a ship Is it what I think it is Do you go there to do you know what?

I just finished reading a non-fiction book called The Slave Ship, by Marcus Rideker. It is basically a documentary of all aspects of slave ships, including of course all that the slaves endured wh... Read More »

What should I wear/what makeup/what hair with this?

Have a shower blow dry your hair with your head facing down to the floor because this improves volume to the hair then grab your bobble and put it quite high up but not to high or it'll look stupid... Read More »