What is with all these 'fake' facebook account things?

Answer Spammers will buy facebook accounts from you based on the number of friends, after they buy the account they start sending messages.But yeah they are fake accounts until a spammer buys them from th... Read More »

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What can i do if someone makes a fake facebook account of me with my pica and name. i reported them now what?

you've reported ,now fb will check one's profile and I think it will band or del one's account ....I don't work in fb's Quarter ..........hehehheheh

What happens after i report someone for using a fake facebook account with my name and pics what action does?

you Can Report them to the Police they wont Do Much tho unless its Threatening Facebook will Take Action tho and Remove the Profile From there Site

Can these yogurt pots with string attached give me a bridge to Mafia Wars via my Facebook access MW's account?

If you can conect to Yahoo, through a proxy server, (with the thick, creamy strawberry yoghurt pot) I can patch you in, with Charlie Big Bananas, via my Apricot probiotic Network adapter. Not very ... Read More »

I suspect a fake facebook account luring girls. What should I do?

Hi Ant.I understand your concern, and in your place i would probably feel just the same, however, as you probably already know, this is a delicate matter, so it is not easy to say "do this" or "do ... Read More »