What is wrong with my apache2 config?

Answer Are you using vhosts and is it configured correctly?This should help:…Also, how have you set up the sub-domains? And how have you set up your main domain ... Read More »

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Something really wrong with my pc. it wont turn on. what wrong?

Check your processor it might be fried so stop trying to restart your comp before you loose everything. Processors are about $65 but if it fried it's either because your comp fan is out or full di... Read More »

Need help with Web.Config to access MSN?

I'm having the same problem on one of my hotmail accounts but not the other

Help! My monitor keeps popping up with auto config every 3seconds!?

it sound like the button is stuck, try pressing one corner of it and letting it go with a flick. If it does not work then you may need to get the monitor serviced.

Everyone seems to have a problem with Norton, what is so wrong with it?

Norton slows your computer down. Mcaffe is no better.I use to use Norton and it detected a virus, but would not delete it! I had to use Adaware 2007 to get rid of it and that is FREE. HELLO. You ar... Read More »