What is wrong with my computer?

Answer When you restart it, are you given options on how to restart, i.e. safe mode, safe mode with networking etc? If not, then the PC is most likely shutting down but the fan is still running.

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What is wrong with my computer screen?

I had this same problem before, my laptops monitors LCD light went out so i did some modifications and removed it from the laptop itself, now I use a TV screen as my laptop monitor. I was using a d... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer please?

put the windows xp/vista disc in and restore everything, works for me everytime :)

What on earth is wrong with my computer!?

Try to clean your registries, and do a general clean-up. I use Advanced system care right now, but I've also used Ccleaner. There are also other programs from which you can choose.

I broke my friends computer; what is wrong with it?

There is no way we could tell you what is wrong with it without actually seeing it.That I'm afraid the is going to be a workshop job to find out exactlywhat damage you have done to it.Depending wha... Read More »