What is wrong with my macbook!!! Help!!!?

Answer i would use the save hotkey if you know it. that way after you force quit it will be saved. also microsoft office has a recovery option, that opens the last word document that was open before the p... Read More »

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How to link old macbook with new macbook PLEASE HELP?

What does "My old macbook broke and its screen got cracked" mean? Does the hard drive still work? Can you turn it on? If so just run an Ethernet cable between the two and you will be able to access... Read More »

HELP...What is wrong with my other PC.............?

Have you tried swapping out the monitor for one you know works? (to be sure its not the monitor)Does the pc power on?Do you get any beeps when it is turning on? (audio warnings)does the caps lock l... Read More »

What is wrong with been a red head =[ Please help!?

There is nothing wrong with it. Red heads are very rare and usually very beautiful. Consider yourself unique and relish the fact that you dont look like most everyone else. I have the most borin... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer somebody help me please...?

hmm if you tell me exacltly what it sez, i myt be able to help