What is your Broadband service provider ?

Answer Been with Virgin for 14 years when it first started in the UK as Telecential in 1994. Wouldn't have any other if they paid me!You can keep your ADSL Broadband!

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Switching Broadband Service Provider?

you will get a little program from sky that reads all you email address and lets you put them on to your sky account. had sky for 18 months now no complaints, sky talk is also good.your Tescos shou... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good broadband Internet Service Provider?

Sky if your in United Kingdom. I have been with them for a year and they are brilliant.

Who, in your opinion, is the best Broadband provider?

O2 Broadband has the best customer support and they also own Be Broadband - the fastest ADSL line speeds.Tiscali is OK when it works, when it doesn't, you have to call up these useless Indian monke... Read More »

Can your service provider monitor what sites are visited and what is downloaded?

Yes, and they are required to keep records, for a minimum of 6 months, of all internet activity that is provided by them, which can be accessed by the government on production of a court order.The ... Read More »