What is your choice facebook myspace or bebo?

Answer I've never tried bebo.I use Facebook & Myspace.Been with Myspace the longest and still quite new to facebook but tending to spend longer on facebook now as Myspace can be so damn slow in comparison... Read More »

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Bebo,myspace or facebook?

I'm on all three, which is pretty simple, i prefer bebo as it is easier to customise your page and to upload photos and has a far better system although more children use it these days

Facebook, Myspace or Bebo One or all?

Facebook is probably the best because it can be serious for work and stuff but u can do funny quizes and play games. i used to do bebo but when i found facebook i really enjoyed it. Also everyone h... Read More »

Bebo, myspace or facebook?

Bebo is more for teenagers Myspace is for everyone, if you want a pretty background and fancy pictures go ahead Facebook is more connecting with you friends in a more detailed way

Which is better, facebook, bebo, or myspace?