What is your opinion of the BBC iplayer?

Answer It's pish, I was trying to watch last weeks Waterloo Road and they didn't bloody have it listed!

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Hitch your wagon to a star! quote R W Emerson........what do you think he meant ..your opinion please?

What is your opinion on PC?

What do you plan to do with this machine .Its got an Core i7-980X so if your a gamer an i7 is not needed dont think much of the Graphic's cards either .

What is "beauty" in your opinion..?

When people say beauty is more than just skin-deep, aren't they also referring to the fact that it does have something to do with it to some extent? Beauty to me is physical, mental, emotional, and... Read More »

What is beauty in your opinion?

beingg naturall pretty. likee not thos fake girls with there makeup on to heavy and there boobs pushed up to there eyeballss