What is your view on.....?

Answer Not sure how this is Facebook related, however I'm guessing you are not based in China :-)If you are, then I believe they still have 'Courts' that will explain what "patriotism" means ..

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What is your view on tipping?

Personally I feel that employers should pay an adequate wage so that there is no need to tip. After all, If you work in an office, or a hospital, or some other such employment nobody tips you.How... Read More »

What is your view on trikes?

i had a yellow and red one .. by fisher price when i was young .. it was great going down hills .. but no good going up i could never peddle fast enough .....heheheh .....

What is your view on tattoos?

Surely it depends on where we both are standing?

What is your view on skinny jeans?

Not skinny as in sprayed on, but straight leg, with no flare or anything. I like them on some guys, and you sound like they'd look great! If you like them, go for it :)And if your looking to buy, g... Read More »