What jobs can i get at the age of 13?

Answer Maybe sweeping up hair in a hairdressers.Or if you want to work with animals and you don't mind not getting paid, then you could maybe volunteer at an animal shelter or something x

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Who is more qualiffied to work in finace jobs such as stock boroker jobs and financial analysts jobs?

Jobs lost jobs interviews applying for jobs?

I'm sorry to hear that you've been dealt with in a very unprofessional way. You could go and argue, but then 'getting the job' would not happen.I suggest you call the individual and tell him that w... Read More »

Examples of health care jobs, social care jobs and early provision jobs?

Nurse Gp doctor Healthcare assistant social worker midwife research there are so many here is a link of some healthcare jobs

Fear of paedophiles is damaging our society scaring men away from teaching jobs and other jobs with children?

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