What jobs can you get after studying, Media History Philosophy ?

Answer A career opportunity at Mcdonald's

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Is Philosophy a "softer" A-level than History?

I can't 'tell' you what subjects to take obviously, because it's your decision to make... but you may find these pointers helpful:- Both History and Philosophy are tough subjects.- Philosophy is no... Read More »

May you suggest some basic-level science, history, philosophy and psychology books please?

Body Language (psychology of lying)…Physics Secretshttp://physicssecrets.ellsed.comItaly and the Classical Tradition Read More »

What are some good part time jobs, which are IT/Computersoftware related for those who are studying in colleg?

You will find this hard to find in the current economic climate, all you can do is wade through all the companies and submit speculative CV and hope they get back to you.

Am studying a level business studies and i want to find if there are any skills have learnt from studying this?

As a person with his own business I have always thought that Business Studies was a bit of a cop-out - but that's just my opinion. My niece did this to degree level and is a successful business wom... Read More »