What jobs can you get from being level 3 qualified in sports ?

Answer In today's world, you would probably be just about qualified to serve me my Zinger Tower meal or take my payment in a shop.

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Naric has confirmed my qualification same level as NVQ level 5 so do I have better chance getting jobs at UK?

Slightly, but it will still be extremely difficult given the state of the jobs market

How can i be over qualified for jobs?

You may be a threat to supervisors who fear a know-it-all attitude or, worse, you may be a threat to their own jobs. The interviewer may also be suspicious that you couldn’t handle your previous ... Read More »

Am i over qualified for jobs?

It can be a problem - I don't know anything about that kind of work, but when I was struggling to find a job a lot of the feedback I got was that they knew I wouldn't stick around for long, or wou... Read More »

What other jobs is a archivist qualified to do?

There is a growing demand for electronic records managers. In some countries archivists and records managers do the same jobs. In the US they are separate. However, a lot of the same principles and... Read More »