What kind of equipment do you need for fibre optic internet connecction?

Answer You need:()Fibre Optic Router()Fibre Optic Modem() Fibre Optic Telephone port.

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What does an internet engineer do when setting up fibre optic broadband?

Hi,Firstly the engineer will swap your line over to the fibre optics, come to your house. Install a fibre optic flaceplate and connected the modem to your hub. The engineer may need a P.C or Laptop... Read More »

How dos fibre optic internet work?

Totally. Any Internet connection needs to allow your machines to talk to the internet servers at the provider. Your machine sends requests and the servers find the place to send them to. Then the s... Read More »

When fibre optic cables get fitted, does the internet drop out?

Well when the town I was from (Stirling, you've probably heard of it being from Dumfries) but we did get some drop outs but not too many. The current internet should stay the same maybe with minor ... Read More »

What is the range of a fibre optic repeater?

Each optic device is different. A 1000BaseZX transceiver has a range of 100KM, so you'd be looking at 56 repeaters each with 2 1000BaseZX at least, or 112 SFPs.You are talking about a possibly mult... Read More »