What kind of jobs can I get within..?

Answer Normally, not so well paid.. it really depends. Try

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I am colour blind & engineer by profession wht kind of career would i choose or wht kind of jobs r offered?

Hi what kind of jobs can I get......?

Look at this link and enter details of GCSE's and whatever your aiming for;…Then it will show you what careers are suitable for your degree and A levels.

What kind of jobs are available in?

But remember that the Government has to help you find a job that you are capable of doing.The NHS careers site is a good place to starte and then look at access courses at your local college which ... Read More »

I'm 13 what kind of jobs can i get?

Child labor laws that exist in most developed countries will prevent you from have legal employment where you are officially paid by an employer. There are situations where you can work doing paint... Read More »