What makes a website valid and what makes it trustworthy?

Answer There are two things that should always be looked for when distinguishing whether or not a site is "valid".Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Some sites do not have links to these and if I were you I... Read More »

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What makes a good website How can I attract visitors to a website?

Advertising is really the key if it's a commercial website.If not, then advertising isn't really needed.User-friendliness is really important when creating a website. Colours must be tasteful, ther... Read More »

What makes a website 'easy to use'?

It is straight-forward, not a million different links, not too much content, but not too little content, Easy to find specific things on the website, not too cluttered with useless items.

What makes a good website.?

Simplify the home page. There's too much going on and you are addressing three different audiences in detail, which is confusing.

What Makes a Website "Good"?

The definition of what makes a good website depends partly on its purpose. A personal page, a company's website, and a school site all need to meet very different characteristics to be considered o... Read More »