What mortgage could you get with £50,000 annual salary?

Answer Depends on your credit rating.The bigger the deposit the better...

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How to Convert an Annual Salary Into a Monthly Salary?

To convert an annual salary into a monthly salary, you must know how often you get paid. Companies can pay on a weekly basis, bi-weekly basis, twice a month or monthly. If you are paid on or about ... Read More »

How much would my monthly salary be if my annual salary is £23877?

If you Google PAYE deductions UK, you will come up with a choice of sites, mostly provided by accountants. Enter the relevant figures, and it will give you all the information you want, and probabl... Read More »

How do You Figure Your Annual Salary?

To figure your annual salary is easy process. You only need to know your monthly salary and multiply this sum of money from 12 (because 1 year has 12 months).

What Is the Annual Salary of an Epidemiologist?

Epidemiologists protect the public health by researching and designing ways to prevent and control the spread of disease. They earn slightly less than the average salary for other medical scientist... Read More »