What network set up should I use in this scenario?

Answer It's completely impossible to answer your question as it is, because youhave left out the most important piece of information haven't you?What's the distance between the two buildings?

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Help to solve this scenario?

1 , as above..2 temp promote 1 of the best assistants to chef3 ask other managers for help hope they can spare one or two person to act as assistants4 ring and ask if the other one assistant is wil... Read More »

Your opinions on this car accident scenario please?

It's the scraped car's fault as they ran into the back of the 'offending car'. That's the law.

Does this scenario qualify for a staffing agency referral bonus?

"Go With The Flow" is absolutely right, the referred/3rd person should have listed you as their referral in the beginning (i.e. on their application, on-boarding paperwork, etc). If they failed to... Read More »

What type of network switch should I use?

From the feature list, taking the term "switch" literally it would need to be a multilayer switch to support OSPF. Also it would need PoE, some form of QoS support and it would need to not break th... Read More »