What on earth does run time error mean. My laptop often says we are closing down sorry run time error?

Answer Your computer is probably more than a 1000 times more powerful and with a million times more memory than the onboard computer that went to the moon! not suprising that it does weird things. It prob... Read More »

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What Is a Run-Time Error?

In speaking of computer applications, an error is a mistake or discrepancy in the execution of a program or in a file or calculation. A computing error can be caused by several factors. One is oper... Read More »

When I try to log in to from myspace.. I get this run time error?

yea I got that too. Ive read on the Forums that its an issue for all myspace users thats why I change to yoville on facebook its way better.

Every time I do a search a Windows error box comes up?

no idea... im geussing u have a corrupt installation of either Windows or your browser

What is Error 813 - this shows up when I've left my computer on for some time.?