What other sites can i go on im bored of facebook etc?

Answer Go to the Library and borrow some books and read them. Ask your Granny she will tell you that is what she done in her day. And she didn't die of boredom.

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How Do I Stop Facebook From Linking Me to Other Sites?

Facebook lets other websites develop applications that detect when you visit those sites, and integrate your Facebook profile information for a more enriching experience. For these websites to use ... Read More »

Any good sites other than Facebook or Bebo?

try this, it's pretty big:http://myspace.comif you want something totally different, this is a great 3D chat site which I use, enjoy!

Does any one on here prefer facebook to the other sites?

yes i do.i have to say i dont have a bebo account but several teenagers i know (friends daughters and my sis) have and i think thats more 4 the younger 1s or it should be.and i have had a myspace a... Read More »

Dose anyone no any other sites apart from bebo, facebook, myspace an yahoo?