What part(s) do i need to make my desktop wireless?

Answer You can either get a internal Wireless n card or a external wireless n USB adapter. Either one are relatively inexpensive and backward compatible with wireless b and g.Depending on what you are goi... Read More »

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WIRELESS ;; If a Desktop is NOT set up for wireless connection, can you add anything ,,card etc, to make it?

Sure. If you have a spare PCI slot you can just add a wireless network card. If you don't, you can still make the desktop wifi-enabled by using a USB wireless adapter.

Make my desktop pc wireless?

No.It's bluetooth, not wireless. why would you want to? We have just bought a wireless mouse and keyboard, chews batteries chuckFickens thanks - i k... Read More »

How do you make a desktop pc wireless?

Install a wireless PCI card easy as that had mine running that way for two years now

Can we make our (fairly old) desktop computer wireless?

You can get a usb wireless adapter for fairly cheap, which will work quite well.