What program would support this file ?

Answer Hey,The file you are trying to download is in a .rar file. It can be opened with a program called Winrar. Its free, even after the evaluation period it still works for some odd reason. Just google,... Read More »

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The audio files you can get off wikipedia. what program can you use to support the file types?

Wikipedia uses the .ogg (Ogg vorbis) format in all audio files (God knows why!), which isn't supported by most programmes.There are heaps of available quick downloads (I've tried myself!) which are... Read More »

Is there any way to use a txt file to program an eeprom?

I think you are a little confused in your aims. A compiler is software. It is a program that takes an input file in assembler or higher language and converts it into machine readable instructions i... Read More »

Which is the best p2p file sharing program?

There are several that are good and best of all free!1) eDonkey / Overnet is a state-of-the-art P2P file sharing software system. Especially popular i... Read More »

Program eeprom from txt file?

This site should help:…