What programming languages do I need to know?

Answer Don't forget Flash, JavaFX, and GWT. You'll also need a back-end database like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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What are Some of the Different Computer Programming Languages?

There are thousands of computer programming languages. These languages are used to control the way computers behave, process information, express algorithms, and handle tasks. Some computer progr... Read More »

Economy and programming languages.. how to reconcile these ?

They're pretty closely related. Informational Science is a growing field, which means that career opportunities are much higher than a lot of other fields, which, in turn, means that you're pretty ... Read More »

Whats the connection between the CPU and programming languages?

A CPU (Central processing unit) is a physical component (hardware) inside a computer. Computer software (written in many different programming languages) tells the CPU what to do.Hardware = FeetSo... Read More »

What programming languages are critical systems made in?

US Military systems ought to be written in Ada, mandated by the Dept of Defense. Other countries will have other solutions.There are several kinds of critical. Safety-critical: you write them in a ... Read More »