What qualification can i get in I.T. that easily leads to a decent job?

Answer What area in IT? If you want to do networking, routing, etc, CCNA (Cisco certification). CCIE pays more, though.Comptia A+ is the standard for fixing computers (IT intro), help desk, etc.Microsof... Read More »

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What is the most and common job in the u.k that you can easily get without too many qualification?

Your parents do not have to pay for your university. You can fund the entire thing with student loans that do not have to start being repaid until you earn over £21,000 a year. There are no jobs... Read More »

In car radio cassette Player. "Identify "power connection from five leads. Speakers leads obvious.?

There may or may not be a wire to dim the lights with the car lights, and there may be one to put your power antenna up and down, but the ground wire should be black, and if you check it with an oh... Read More »

How can I easily make money quickly and easily?

Hi Duncan,If you're interested in working part time, have you considered a career in network marketing. Far from the 'knock on door...please buy my cleaning product' that people believe it to be, ... Read More »

Any decent car radio head unit I can buy for decent money that accepts Ipod?

My son just put a $99 JVC ( Wal-china-Mart) in his car. Sounds good. He's Kicker comps / Alpine amp.