What qualities are you proud of and how will they impact on customers and colleagues?

Answer Being friendly and approachable as customers and will feel at ease with you politeness confidents-not afriad to speak to people or to ask customers for helpstrange asking about customers when it's ... Read More »

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You said that if I push on a friend they will push back (even if they are asleep). But if I push hard enough, they will fall to the ground, whereas I will not. Therefore, I don't see how the reaction is equal. Can you please explain this - JK?

Newton's third law only observes that the forces two objects exert on one another are equal in amount but opposite in direction. The law doesn't make any statement about the consequences of those f... Read More »

What are the Advertising Models and how do they have impact on consumer buying behaviour?

(1) you have to go through the classic consumer decision making process. (2) you have a few advertising models: such as think-feel-do model, AIDA model, DAGMAR model ...etc. All these models will... Read More »

What will i write for applying for a joinery apprenticeship for 'skills and qualities'?

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