What settings would I have to adjust to add a computer to a LAN network?

Answer Once you're conencted to your netowrk you're basically part of the LAN. You can set up a homegroup which allows all computers to share files on the netowrk, or you could just use a LAN FTP such as ... Read More »

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What settings would these computer specs be able to run at?

You don't need 16GB of RAM for gaming.. 8GB is more than sufficient. You also don't need a 700W PSU.. 600W or even 550W would be enough. Although the AMD FX-8350 sounds good on paper, it has pretty... Read More »

Would this computer run games on medium graphic settings?

it might, all the stats are good except for the graphics card. Intel gfx have a long sad history of being absolute fails, and used to widely unsupported. Now a days it's hit or miss i'll look for s... Read More »

Would this computer be OK to run games on medium graphical settings?

Yes Yes Yes thats well above medium you could play Call of duty,Minecraft,Skyfall with good FPS an Far render settings Guessing your Talting about minecraft about 60-80 FPS on far Here is its Detai... Read More »

What is the Minimum and Maximum RAM a computer network server can have?

The maximum amount of RAM totally depends on the make/model of the server you bought.The recommended amount of RAM totally depends on what the needs of your virtual servers are.There's no one corre... Read More »