What settings would I have to adjust to add a computer to a LAN network?

Answer Once you're conencted to your netowrk you're basically part of the LAN. You can set up a homegroup which allows all computers to share files on the netowrk, or you could just use a LAN FTP such as ... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me how to adjust the brightness settings?

CRT monitors. The controls are under the screen.LCD monitors. Either press the Enter or Menu button on the front or on top of itand select the Luminance Menu.Laptops. Fn key plus what key controls ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Settings for a Philips Webcam?

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How to Adjust the Carb Settings on a Stihl 028?

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What Are the Network Settings on an iPod Touch?

Network settings are options that come with the iPod touch that let you access the Internet on the portable device. These settings are beneficial to you because they let you quickly and easily conn... Read More »